May 29, 2013 / 185 notes

Movie night with the Links~ 

Look at them being all cuddly and domestic \(//∇//)\

I had so many ideas for this prompt but I did the requests in order of submission, and by the time I got to this one I couldn’t decide, hope this is ok. 

And sorry for the small delay Queenie, it was a rough end of the week.

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small FAQ

  1. Do you take requests?
  2. I love hearing people's ideas but due to real world responsibilities and what not I don't usually have the time. However, if I particularly like the idea and it's not too complicated I might give it a go.

  3. What programs do you use?
  4. Sai and to a lesser extent Photoshop CC

  5. Can you make a tutorial about...?
  6. I might give you some tips but actually making a tutorial? nope. sorry